Oklahoma Vibes

"Cash me outside. How bout dat?"...sorry I had to.  Pun clearly intended.
o here is my first adventure post! One of my best friends, Julianne, requested that we go hiking for her 25th birthday so we did... right in our own "backyard". We all decided to hike Elk Mountain located at the Wichita Wildlife Refuge right here in Oklahoma. It's one of our favorites and if you haven't been, GO NOW! I encourage everyone to explore & enjoy the great outdoors anytime you can. This adventure was exactly what I needed. Who needs shopping therapy when you have great company, wine & this gorgeous view! 

I hope you enjoy this photo/video adventure diary!
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"Oklahoma Vibes" T-shirt is from Lush Fashion Lounge 

xx Farewell for now,


I have grown deep roots in Oklahoma

So when we reached the top of Elk Mountain, we surprised Julianne with some wine. She is a true "wine-o"! Yeah...so I ended up forgetting to pack my wine opener. Idiot...I know. So we tried using my keys to get the cork out and when that didn't work, we broke it open. NOT smart but hey, it worked!

If you don't like sappy sweet stuff, don't read any further! I'll keep it short & sweet. I feel so blessed to have friends who I can always count on & share memories like these with. Find your tribe & love them hard! Oh & happy birthday Julianne! 

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