To The Mountains & Back

Hey guys!
So I'm back from my annual road trip to Colorado and it was the getaway that I needed. 
t was so nice to get disconnected...literally. Sometimes you forget what it actually feels to live and not be caught up in money, social media, work and things that just don't matter. I had a great time with some amazing people & views.  
We stayed in Pagosa Springs, a small mountain town with lots of personality. The drive to Pagosa Springs wasn't terrible, although most of the time I slept so that's probably why. New Mexico also provided scenic views which also helped with the drive. Thankfully, this year, we had sunny weather and even got some fresh powder on one of our boarding days.  
So, last year, was my very first time snowboarding & I spent much of my time falling down the mountain #shreddingpow ...with my face. This year was so much better!
Day 1 began with a huge breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, fruit & mimosas of course. I remembered how hungry I was last year after hours on the slopes. We woke up around 6 everyday to have plenty of time for the drive up to the mountain (roughly 30 minutes) and get a decent parking spot. We got there when the lifts opened and left around 4 pm everyday when they closed (Kevin & I went with some pretty dedicated snowboarders). My first run down the mountain was a surprisingly great. No falling!!
Kevin and I looked so much better out there. I finally feel that I got the hang of it this year. My body was so thankful for that.
Day 2 was a little more brutal than any other days that I experienced. It was snowing, hard but that didn't seem to phase anyone on the mountain. It snowed ALL day. I haven't experienced snow like that in years, especially not in Oklahoma. It was a little rough going down the mountain that day because I could hardly see anything in front of me. I took a lot of breaks. Everyday, I was starving by lunch time. FYI: if you go to Wolf Creek, their burgers are amazing!! I mean, really guys, so. freakin. good. 
Day 3 was the day I wanted to venture off and try
something new that I hadn't done before, snowmobiling. It was so much fun and the views were simply gorgeous. We rode all along the continental divide on Treasure Mountain. It's called Treasure Mountain because there is still French gold from the late 1700s buried somewhere that no one has been able to find. We went out that evening into town to Pagosa Brewing & Grill (I highly recommend). It was a great night to end our final day in Colorado. Good company, drinks, food & memories. It was so sad to head back home but there will always be next year!

made a small video diary of the trip. It's nothing fancy because I wanted to live in the moments rather than worrying about trying to capture it behind a lens. Nevertheless, I wanted to share a little bit of our 2017 Colorado adventure. 
I hope you guys enjoy!

xx Farewell for now

Jobs fill your pockets, adventures fill your soul.
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