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Hey guys!

I just got back from LA and it was amazing. I mean, I didn't expect anything less. I’ve only ever passed through Los Angeles for a few hours at a LAX. A week ago, I had the chance to really check out Los Angeles for the first time, and I couldn’t wait. But with just 48 hours to play with, how much could I actually see? I really tried to see has much as I could! I caught the earliest flight to LA Thursday morning for work but on Saturday morning, the real exploring of the city began. I stayed at Hotel Indigo near the fashion district in downtown LA and I definitely recommend it. It was only a few miles away from most of my destinations and really convenient. As for getting around the city, I used both Lyft and Uber – they’re cheap and they’re everywhere, so it’s a practical option when you want to get around the city.

LA has so many beautiful beaches, great weather, lots going on, and a place for every kind of person to enjoy it all. Like any big city, there are plenty of touristy attractions in Los Angeles to spend/waste your time and money on. I tried to hit up the most important ones in my mind. There are a few places that I didn't make my way to but that's just a great excuse to go back right!? There was really nothing that I did not love about LA...besides the traffic of course. 

So, let's jump into my latest adventure!


I started off the day with breakfast at Birdies located in downtown LA. What I came for was the chicken sandwich and it definitely did not disappoint! I ended up getting the Birdies Breakfast Sandwich: over easy or scrambled egg with fried chicken tender or Apple wood smoked bacon and Tillamook Cheddar with Birdies special sauce. It was really filling and pretty lofty. I also decided to try their donuts because they looked too delicious to pass up. I went with the "cookies & cream" and the "pistachio-thyme" donuts. Both were incredible, especially the "pistachio-thyme". 

Next stop: The Last Bookstore - a huge book store at 5th & Spring Street.  It is the largest independent bookstore in California buying and selling used & new books and records.  The name (The Last Bookstore) was chosen with irony, because physical bookstores are dying out unfortunately. When you walk in, it feels like a very "normal" bookstore but when you go upstairs, it looks like a bookstore out of a Harry Potter book. It even comes complete with a book tunnel. Mhmmm. The 2nd floor also houses an artist collective and different "gallery" shops that are super cool. Basically, every corner of the bookstore had something interesting to see  

Next stop: Venice beach -it was originally designed to be inspired by Venice, Italy — a resort town lined with canals and built up with bungalows and a carnival-like boardwalk that extends over two miles parallel to the beach. Walking down the boardwalk is a must-do for people watching and soaking it all in, from skateboarders to fortune tellers to beach bums. I spent a lot of time actually watching the skateboarders...actually very entertaining. 

Next stop: The Broad Museum - LA’s most celebrated contemporary art space and architectural landmark located next to Walt Disney Hall. There are tons of great museums and attractions to check out. I personally loved visiting The Broad. They often have great special exhibits, so if you plan to visit, check their site to see if there is one you are interested in and buy tickets ahead if needed...but, if you don't have tickets, you can get in but not without a wait. Check out this Twitter account that is dedicated solely to announcing general admission ( wait time is usually 1-2 hours). When I went, luckily, the line wasn't too bad at all. The Broad is a must-do in my opinion so make sure to add it to your list!

Next Stop:  Pizzeria Mozza - a must-stop restaurant. If you are a pizza lover, like I know you are, you HAVE to go! To get in though, you must make a reservation. It's located just over a mile south of the heart of Hollywood. The restaurant is a joint venture between famed L.A. breadsmith Nancy Silverton, cofounder of La Brea Bakeryand Campanile Restaurant, Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich. Guys, it was probably the best pizza I've ever had. I got the Egg, Bacon, Yukon Gold Potato, Fontina, Sottocenere & Cippolini Onions. It's too good guys. I'll just leave it at that. 

Next stop: Urban Light - A "sculpture" by Chris Burden that consists of over 200 restored vintage light posts from around Los Angeles. It was really cool to see at night and may be less crowded around the late evening hours. This place is definitely an Instagram photo op spot! 


Location: Birdies


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Birdies Breakfast Sandwich 

Location: The Last Bookstore

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Location: Venice Beach

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Location: BRoad Museum 

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Location: Pizzeria Mozza 

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location: Urban Light



Sunday consisted of getting up as early as possible to take in more of the city before my flight that evening. My first stop was to breakfast of course. I decided to hit up République...if you go to LA, this is a MUST! There baked goods are worth every minute of waiting in line. Crème brûlée donuts, canelés, cookies, éclair, homemade breads, all fresh and melt-in-your-mouth good. Get ready to drool. For my main dish, I went with the "Pupusa"- squash, blossoms, avocado, black beans, oaxacan creme, salsa verde, fried egg. Damn good. 

Next stop: Griffith Observatory/ Hollywood Trail. If you seen La La Land at all, then you will be familiar with Griffith Observatory. The observatory sits on the south-facing slope of Mount Hollywood in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park. From it you can see the Los Angeles Basin, including Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the southwest. I personally like getting to do something physical or in nature even when visiting bigger cities, and I love that LA totally has this option in a few areas. I did a quick hike to get a better view of the city and closer to the Hollywood sign. 

Next stop: The Grove - an outdoor mall built in 2002 is the most visited place in Los Angeles. If you want to do some major shopping, this is one of the places to be. I stopped by Dominique Ansel Bakery and got the every so popular "cronut" that people have been going crazy over and now, i'm crazy for it. For those of you who do not know what a cronut is, it's a croissant-doughnut pastry. Yeah, mhmm. A fantasy turned into relaity. 

Next stop: Rodeo Drive - the ultimate shopping destination. I didn't spend a lot of time on Rodeo Drive but it was fun to walk down the 2 mile street and look at all the crazy upscale shops and sport cars. 

Last stop: Smorgasburg -a food lover’s paradise. It is basically loaded to the brim with food truck vendors of all varieties selling flavorful food choices. Here's a tip: arrive early. I went later in the day around 4, and it was packed and a lot of vendors had sold out of everything already. I tried Little Lemma Peruvian Tacos. Soooo good. I also got a a Happiness Starts Here tea and that was also so good and refreshing. I will definitely be hitting up Smorgasburg the next time I go to LA. 

Heading back home was definitely a task. Being worried about not making my flight was very stressful but luckily the security line at the airport moved super quick. Overall, I had the best time and I can't wait to make my way back to LA shortly! Stay tuned for my next adventure! Bye guys!


Location: Griffith Observatory 

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Location: The grove -Dominique Ansel Bakery


Location: Smorgasburg

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