2017: January Favorites

Hey guys!
appy February! Welcome to my first favorites post where I'm going to shutout my must-haves for the month of January. 
These are products that I've been using non-stop. 
o let's just jump right into it!  


Unlike many other primers that I've tried, this one does not have a silicon feel. It has more a satin finish formula that glides over the skin. I have combination skin and this works wonders! It feels like silk. No. Lie. Have large pores? Try this my dear! 
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If you have dark circles from staying up too late the night before....this concealer is a MUST. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has been raving about it. I tried to get my hands on it months ago but it was always sold out. I can see what everyone was raving about. This concealer is full coverage, is hydrating and can cover everything. I use it specifically for underneath the eyes. It has a slight floral scent but nothing too crazy. The applicator is quite big but I don't really mind. This will be a repurchase product for sure. It's sold exclusively at Ulta
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Liquid Lipsticks
I've worn both these colors so much for the month of January. Mary-Jo K is a blue based red and gorgeous! Ginger I would say is an orange-brown which sounds awful but beautiful on the lips. The staying power of these liquid lipsticks is kinda insane...so insane that I have a hard time taking them off with a makeup wipe. The colors are gorgeous, however, the formula is a little drying. Before I apply, I make sure to put on some chapstick otherwise your lips can look cracked. #notcute. 
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Loose Setting Powder
Let's "bake" ladies. Under the eyes that is! Unlike many other setting powders, this one has truly no color to it. Most setting powders like this one have a yellow or pink undertone, which is great for some occasions, but I love this one because it's affordable, incredible quality, colorless and feels so great underneath the eyes. I also like to set my makeup with this power if I have a long day ahead of me. I've already repurchased it and i'm not even close to out yet.It's only $12 guys...you kind of have to try it now!
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Epsom Salt Soaking Solution
Before this past month, I had never used bath salts. I mean, how good could they be? Uhhh really awesome apparently! After a great workout or a hard day, I like to add this to my bath. It relieves any soreness and tightness and the scent of lavender helps to calm me and get a good night's rest. I get mine from Target but you can find Dr Teals products at any drugstore. Happy sleeping!
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Makeup Brushes
These brushes make makeup application so quick! It's cuts my time in half. Swipe, swipe, swipe, done! What also is amazing about these brushes are what the bristles are made of. They are made exclusively with CosmeFibre which doesn't allow you makeup to seep deep into the bristles. Less product AND saves me time!? I'll take it! The Oval 7 is the perfect face brush and the Oval 3 is great for shading and blending. The quality is amazing and I think worth the money. 


Texturizing Spray
have fine straight her that lays flat and I was looking for a product that would give me a major boost. Not only does it work wonders on my hair, it smells so good (slight feminine cologne smell if that makes any sense)! I like to spray it at the roots where i'm lacking volume and POOF! magic. It's part dry-shampoo and part texturizing spray so it works great for days you don't wash your hair. If you want bigger, better, full on glamorous hair, you should try this! 
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The XX- I See You
This. Album. I died. I've waited years for The XX to come out with another album and they finally did this month. #amen. If you don't know who The XX are, I would describe their music as more "indie". I feel like their music is always honest, intimate & pure. Their sound is unique to me and something I naturally gravitate to. I bought tickets to see them live in May and I just can't guys.

My favorite songs on the I See You album:

  • "Say Something Loving"
  • "Lips"
  • "On Hold"


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