Part 2: How to Make Online Shopping a Not So Risky Business

Hello, again! So let's jump into part two of my online shopping series. In my previous post, I listed my top 8 favorite online sites. Now let's tackle the next question of how to make online shopping less stressful. When you're shopping online, you may think to yourself, "eh, but what if it doesn't fit? What if it's not what I expected?" That's why I am here, my dear! These are the things I look for to make my experience less of a risky business:

  • Reputability (Is it legit?)
  • Product images
  • Payment process
  • Product descriptions
  • Accurate sizing information
  • Product review


When it comes to buying online obviously I want to make sure that the company is reputable. I don't ever shop on websites that I have not heard of or haven't heard good things from. Stay away from anything sketchy looking (duh). Major tip: simply search for company reviews on good ‘ole Google. If the photos are inconsistent and the prices are too good to be true ($12.50 for a dress), then stay clear my friends. Here's a little saying, "if it's not legit, then more than likely it's s**t"...yeah, I just made that up.  



Product images
Make sure what you're buying has lots of photos of the item at different angels and up close. There have been times when I went on a website that only had one photo of an item and I bought it. When I received it, the details were not what I thought they would be. A great example of a website that displays great imagery of each product is Asos because not only do they provide lots of photos, they have videos of the modeling displaying it on the runway. 


Payment process
DO NOT buy anything from a website that does not have PayPal or some kind of secure payment process. Almost every website has the PayPal payment option but if it doesn't, don't buy it! You would think that it's really a no-brainier to not expose your banking details but I know the feeling of finding this super cute top and you "need" it. Not a good enough reason guys! 


Product descriptions
The description is so important to me. Not only does it inform me of product information like the material that is used, it's helpful when trying to style the product. The description may even inform you about something the picture doesn’t, like a hidden pocket inside or that the zipper is for decoration only. always does an excellent job with their product descriptions.


Accurate sizing information
This is vital guys when it comes to online shopping! V-I-T-A-L. If you don't already have a measuring tape, get one (they're only $5)! The measuring tape is your best friend when shopping online. Measure your bust, waist, hips, calves, and legs. Keep this info in your phone or write it down. When shopping online, check if the item runs big, small, or true to size. is reliable when it comes to sizing (Wow, I can't stop raving about Lulus #sorrynotsorry). I have never had a bad experience with getting something that is too big or small, but I do always make sure to get the size that is true to my measurements. If you are truly unsure and under pressure because there are only a few left in stock (this has happened to me plenty of times), order a size bigger. You can always get it tailored if it's bigger. Also, if the measurements are aligned with the measurements of your waist but not your hips, get the bigger size! 



roduct reviews 
These are SO helpful. I tend to only buy pieces that have reviews. Reviews can tell you everything, especially with shoes. They can tell you if the item was flattering, too tight in places, uncomfortable, everything they wanted or not what they expected. 

hat wraps it up for this series! I hope you found this helpful & think of these tips the next time you shop online. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! I'd love to help you on yourown fashionable adventure. Happy online shopping!!

xx Farewell for now


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