6 Toast Topper Ideas

 Hey guys!

My very first “foodie” post! You know I couldn't help myself. It was just a matter of time!

Feeling a little hungry mid-day between breakfast and lunch? I have 6 toast ideas that will be sure to satisfy your hunger! These simple recipes are quick and convenient when you're on the go! I love to take these to work or have one before a workout for a little boost of energy!

For the bread base, I used a 7 grain wheat bread. You can toast them in the toaster or bake them. The toaster is a more convenient & quicker way to do it. If you have more time and would like to toast the bread using the oven : Turn the oven to broil, and put the sheet pan on the top rack of the oven, closest to the broiler. Keep an eye on the toast, as it will brown quickly —  2 minutes on each side.

Now that you bread is toasted, let's get into how to dress it up! 


1. Yummy berry toast


This toast topper idea is perfect when you want something sweet! It seriously hits the spot! Plus, it's so simple that it can be made in minutes. 

  • Spread the Greek yogurt evenly (I prefer vanilla)

  • Add your favorite combo of berries (I used raspberries & blackberries)

  • Drizzle honey

  • Sprinkle chia seeds if you would like

Bon Appétit!



2. Bannana-peanut butter Toast


For this recipe, I used peanut butter but you could definitely use almond butter or ABC butter (almonds, Brazil nuts, & cashews). This topper idea is great before a workout or if you're feeling a little low on energy

  • Spread the peanut butter evenly

  • Cut and add a few slices of banana

  • Sprinkle coconut flakes on top

Bon Appétit!


3. Avacado-Pesto Toast 


Who knew that a simple marriage between avocado and pesto would be so good! This simple recipe will definitely satisfy your savory craving.  

  • Spread pesto evenly

  • Slice avocado and place on top of pesto spread

  • Add lemon juice of you would like!

Bon Appétit!


4. TOMATO & hummus toast 


This toast topper idea is one of my favorites! I'm usually not a fan of tomatoes but this one was so delicious! 

  • Evenly spread your favorite hummus flavor (I like to use classic hummus)

  • Cut your tomatoes in half and place them evenly

  • Sprinkle cracked pepper

Bon Appétit!


5. Cream-cheese & Cucumber toast

This recipe is so simple and easy it's crazy! 

  • Spread your cream cheese evenly

  • Cut your cucumber slices thinly and place them on top of the spread

  • Sprinkle cracked pepper as desired

Bon Appétit!


6. Strawberry-Nutella Toast

This one was also another favorite of mine! I mean it has Nutella...c'mon! I like to warm up the Nutella a bit before spreading it on my bread. 

  • Spread warm Nutella evenly

  • Cut and place strawberries

  • -Sprinkle almonds

  • add a little bit of mint!

Bon Appétit!

lis ledeay