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Hey guys!

So I was given the opportunity to collab with StudioHop for the past two weeks! What is StudioHop you ask? StudioHop is a month-to-month membership to top-notch fitness studios around your city! Cities include: OKC, Tulsa, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, & San Antonio (Nola is next)! How awesome is that!? This monthly membership let's you hop around different studios to really add some variety into your workout routine. One day you can do yoga and the next, cross-train.

Over the past few weeks, I have tried new workouts I've never done before and had the best time doing it! I even got to participate in classes with fellow blogger babes, Candace ( Casual With Candace) & Amanda (Amanda's OK) ! Definitely check these babes out for fashion inspo, fitness tips, & lifestyle posts! There hasn't been a studio/class on the StudioHop list that I haven't enjoyed!

The best part about StudioHop is that you can curate the classes you take around your schedule! They have classes starting as early as 12 AM (yes, you read that right) to as late as 7:45 PM. All classes are scheduled through your StudioHop account instead of each studio's website (so convenient). So overall, your basically a member to multiple studios across your city! Cool, right!? 

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So let's hop into my experiences during the past two weeks!

Class #1: Cycle 3 Sixty -3 Sixty Drills

This was one of the most challenging classes of the bunch! Kyle, our instructor, was such a great motivator though so he kept me going the whole time! What I liked most about this class that is different from other cycle classes I have taken is that you compete with not only yourself, but also the other cyclists around you via the Cycle 3 Sixty Performance software! At the front of the class, there is a big screen that monitors how you rank in the class. So if you're a competitive person, get ready to feel the burn! Another awesome part of the class is that we cycled in a dark room! It was such a great & challenging experience! 

Class #2: Urban Row -Row

This was my absolute favorite class. I have never rowed in my life and now, I want to row on a weekly basis. The machines are indoor state-of-the-art water rowing machines.The instructor, Katie, showed us the proper form to rowing first and then we were off!  It's a great fitness regime that works out your whole body and it's easy on the joint. I definitely felt it the next day. 

Class #3: Beyond Studios - Pilates Remix

What an awesome workout this was! I have never done pilates on a reformer before. It was a lot tougher than I even anticipated. I can see why people get so toned doing pilates on a day to day basis! The workout is music driven and consists of smooth, continuous, and controlled movements that will make you sweat for sure! This class was full and I can definitely see why. The classes are small so you get individual attention that you deserve! I highly recommend this class and I plan on attending more classes! 

Class #4: Hidden Dragon Yoga Midtown -Core & Flow 1

Hidden Dragon Yoga is all about creating, promoting, and maintaining a heart centered non biased (kula) for those seeking to align their lives on and off the mat.  This class was called The Clouds & The Hammer: a medium heat class ( I was sweating) that focuses on movement, breath, & core ( a great class for beginners). What I liked about Hidden Yoga is that serves all levels, even for a newbie like me! Afterwards, my body felt so relaxed and I slept like a baby! 

Blogger babes: Amanda & Candace

Blogger babes: Amanda & Candace

The Outfits


Outfit 1

Top: Fabletics

Leggings: Fabletics

Sunnies: Quay "High-Key" Rose Gold

Hair: Selenne At Salon Zen


Outfit 2

Top: Nike

Leggings: Fabletics

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