What I've Learned In My First Year of Blogging


Hey guys!

Today is an exciting day because...it marks one year since I started blogging and Adventures of a Fashionable Miss. It's funny because I feel like I've been blogging forever but also I still feel like i'm brand new at this thing. I've learned so much but to be honest, still feel like I don't know what the heck i'm doing sometimes. Starting this blog was my 2017 resolution to myself. I wanted to put myself out there and share what i'm passionate about...creating. Over the past year, I can say I have created a lot and I can say I have only put content out that I truly love. At the time I started this blog, I was working in a corporate scene, otherwise known as a creativity crusher, well, at least for me. This was my creative outlet and i'm so happy that I did this. This blog has become my baby and I absolutely love working on it. I also want to thank YOU personally for supporting me throughout this journey! You are the best!

So, today, in honor of my first blogiversary, I wanted to share with you some things that I've learned about blogging: 


1. I love it

I truly love the process of creating a blog post: the writing, taking pictures, editing, and interacting with people on social media. At first, I had no idea if blogging would be the thing for me and honestly, I didn't really have a huge desire to start one and I think I had a lot of self-doubt. But, here I am and I can't wait for what this year as in store for me. I'm excited to see what I'll be able to create and how I can challenge myself. I like to look at my blog as my portfolio. I can honestly, I am really happy on how it's turned out so far. 


2. The blogging community is amazing

I have really enjoyed meeting other bloggers and the friendships I have made. I am really grateful to be part of such a great blogging community. In the beginning, I had no clue what I was doing and honestly. It was a lot of trail and error but then, I was able to apart of several blogging communities and it was evident immediately how kind and helpful everyone was. These ladies are always there when I need help or have a question. I am especially grateful for my local blogger boss babes. It's great to see other bloggers pursuing similar objectives and being able to support each other through the process.  


3. It's time consuming

Before I started blogging, I had no idea how much of a "full-time" gig this really is. I quickly realized how involved blogging was. For a typical post, one needs to come up with a topic or idea, write the post, take the pictures, edit the pictures & then finally share your post with the world. On average, a typical post takes about 4 to 5 hours. Aside from that, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes as well such as posting on social media, responding to emails, responding to comments and the most difficult, trying to gain a following. 


4. It's an expensive hobby

Being a fashion/lifestyle blogger is really an expensive hobby. I mean, I literally avoid looking at my bank statements sometimes. When starting this blog, I knew shopping, or as I like to call it "researching", would be a huge part it. What I didn't realize is how much money is really costs. 


5. Focus on putting great & original content

I can't stress this enough. Only put content you are truly happy with. Never post anything that you don't feel 100% positive on. Your passion will easily shine through and people will take notice. I struggle sometimes with staying with a consistent schedule but I believe that it's partially due to the fact that I don't post for the sake of having something new up. I put a lot of time into each post and do everything myself. 


6. Be true to yourself

If you take anything away from this post, let it be this: be true to yourself. As my blog as grown, I have been contacted by numerous companies asking if they could be featured on my social media or blog. Typically the company will offer to pay you or send you free products. When I already love and use the brand/products, it's easy to say yes. However, most of the companies that reach out are brands i'm not familiar with. In this case, I conduct my own research and if the company doesn't align with what I love and value, I decline their offer. Do not accept anything from a company if you're not passionate about them. Readers will easily see this or be misled and that my friend, is just NOT cool. I always remeber why I started my blog in the first place and know that my blog is a direct reflection of me. 


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