Balancing Act

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Don’t be too skinny but don’t be fat. You eat so much, you don’t eat enough. Don’t be too loud, don’t be too quiet. If you want something, speak up! No, no, no just wait your turn hun. God, does she ever shut up? Does that girl ever talk? You’re such a flirt! You would be a lot more approachable if you smiled more.

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Make sure your skirt is long enough, but not too long. That looks sexy on you. Ew, don’t wear that…I don’t like that style on you. Show off what your momma gave you. Wow, needing attention much?

Be smart, but not too smart. No one likes a know-it-all. You wear too much makeup. Are you sick? You look sick.

Wow, you’re how old? No husband? No children? You don’t own a home yet? You are too young to get married. You were how old when you had your baby!? You don’t need a collage degree these days, you need a diploma to get anywhere. You’re studying that? That won’t get you far but do what your passionate about.

It’s all wrong. Eat what you want, look how you want, wear the clothes you want, study what you want. Cut your hair, wear leather in the summer if you want…don’t be embarrassed to be you, wholly. Don’t worry about what they think.

Walk freely. Balancing acts are stupid. AF. 

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