Letting Go & The Beauty of It

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On love, life, and letting go.

One day, she took a step back and reflected on her life. She then realized that she had came far and she liked what she saw. She saw growth and beauty in what she was becoming. She appreciated and loved where she had been. She was thankful for those years…for the memories and especially the lessons. There is nothing that she would have changed.

It hadn’t always been this way for me. I hadn’t always been this brave, this resilient. This strong. It was a lot of arranging and rearranging. It took time to set my roots down and watch myself grow. It took years.

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When I became more generous to myself, things started to change. I began to understand the seasons and that they come and go. I started to become less afraid of the “leaves” falling away because I began to understand that was part of the cycle of becoming. Letting go of the old opened hidden doors to the present. Letting go was/is necessary. Letting go made me realize that no one else’s version of perfect would ever be right. I had to make my own version.

I started to muster up courage in my everyday life. I thought if I had courage, the world would catch me…and she did. Sometimes the landings were soft and sometimes they weren’t. But she caught me and I when I looked down where I landed, I discovered I was right where I needed to be. I now know that I am capable of so much and I have the art of letting go to thank. I’ve put more life into my life than ever before. This is living.

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Letting go created the best version of myself. Stop fighting the old and start planting your roots. The season will change and that’s okay. Allow fall to teach you to let go and the beauty of it.

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