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Hey guys!

Extra, Extra, read all about it! I’m so obsessed with Fall’s newsboy hat trend and it definitely brings a retro vibe to any outfit. So here's a little history tid-bit, the newsboy hat emerged in the late 19th century and has been in and out of style since. The accessory works for almost every face shape...thank goodness because my round face shape can be hard to find hats for. What's awesome about this fun accessory is that it can be worn with everything from jeans to skirts...anything really. 

As for the rest of the outfit, I found these stripped pants and thought they were so classic. You already know that i'm a sucker for anything that has vertical stripes that add length to my shorter legs. I decided to pair the pants with this simple white knitted turtle neck and black pointed toe heels to tie in with the black hat. I love how these earrings add a little more retro vibes to the whole look. I topped it off with my favorite red bag and liquid lipstick. 

So there you have it! So how do you like the newsboy hat trend? Let me know in the comment seciton below. 


Photographs by A.W. Photography


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