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Hey guys!

So let me start off by saying this outfit all came together because of a pair of sneakers. That's a new one for me. I've been trying to branch out lately and wear sneakers because they are cute to pair with so many types of looks. Oh, and of course sneakers are always so comfortable! My feet are thanking me for taking a break from the heels. Now let's talk about the sneakers that started it all! I spotted these white & talc colored Adidas sneakers and I immediately was drawn to buying them. It was a "had to have them" moment. 

Wearing a dress with sneakers was always a look I wanted to try but I thought I wouldn't be able to pull it off. I decided to try the looks anyways and I'm so glad I did! Wearing sneakers with dresses is kinda goes against what you would think is "fashionable" but somehow, it actually does work! The look is cool, fun & comfortable! Pairing a dress with sneakers instantly makes the look more casual-cool. 

I loved how clean these sneakers looked so I wanted to the rest of the outfit to mirror that. I decided to pair this look with a simple white bodycon dress. I elevated the look even more by added this olive silk bomber jacket. I love white and gold together so for jewelry, I went for these chain-link earrings and simple gold necklace. 


Taley at Lash-by-Lash, located in Nicholas Hills, did this simple and clean makeup look. I usually wear liner on a day-to-day basis but feeling like trying something new! It was all about the lashes & glow. 

Get the look:


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