Be Yourself, Babe


Hey guys!

Every now and then, not often, but, occasionally, I dress casual. It's usually on the weekends when i'm running errands or hanging out with friends but it does happen. I don't own a lot of graphic tees...actually none. This was my first one #kindashamful. Note to self: buy more graphic tees but when I saw this, I had to have it. I always encourage everyone just to be yourself so this tee was perfection. 

I recently purchased these classic pair on Vans and from there, the outfit came together. I'm currently obsessed with the fishnet trend but wanted to take a more subtle approach than the full on fishnet pantyhose trend.  A colorful motorcycle jacket and high waisted ripped jeans instantly make any graphic tee look more fashionable. I like to lightly tuck in my t-shirt for a more dramatic look. 

I wanted to add a little pop of color (and an excuse to wear these sunnies) so I added this yellow moto jacket and Quay x Desi Perkins sunnies. Of course I had to wear my favorite red liquid lipstick. 

I could not achieve this hairdo by myself. Honestly, it's hard enough doing a simple three strand braid on myself so I called up my wonderful friend Chloe who just so happens to make hair magic happen. As far as makeup, I wanted to something edgy so I went to Lash-By-Lash and had my makeup done by the wonderful Tati! She specializes in special effects makeup and guys, she is good! If you're looking for a place in OKC to get your lashes and makeup done, definitely check out Lash-By-Lash!   

So how did you like the look my dear? Let me know in the comment section below and don't ever forget to just be yourself, babe. 

Get the look:


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