Wishful Wanderings


Hey guys!

With spring just around the corner, I thought I would share one of my favorite look: the white boho dress. One of my favorite things to do during the warmer seasons is to lighten up my looks. I wore this stunning white lace/embroidered dress with my favorite tuape heels and layered a couple of my favorite necklaces. I would say layering these necklaces was purposely done but I actually forgot to take one of them off.  Oh well, still works right? When wearing a dress like this, one that is a little transparent, It's important to wear something underneath that compliments the look. For this dress, I decided to go with a nude slip to not distract from the embroidered detailing in the dress. 

An accessory is an important part in boho looks. Think of fedora, floppy or any other wide brimmed hat. When creating a boho look, remember there are no rules! There is almost an unlimited number of ways to stamp your own character on the style. The look suits almost everyone! Want to add more shape to this dress? Pair it with a brown braided belt. 

Get the look:



Photo Nov 04, 7 19 27 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 17, 11 40 53 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 04, 8 34 38 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 04, 8 35 31 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 04, 7 23 29 AM.jpg
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