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Hey guys!

So how do we combine function, style,and comfort together to create a chic but totally wearable look? Athleisure! Athleisure is blurring the lines between the clothes you’d wear to the gym and those you’d wear to lunch.  It’s a new trend that reflects a change in lifestyle-going hand-in-hand with an increased health consciousness, busy schedules, and relaxed standards of dress. This trend is definitely here to stay.

Achieving this casual look takes a bit of thought, but it’s mostly just about mixing sporty basics with your everyday, casual go-to items that you’re already wearing. For my look, I wanted my Puma Thunder Rive Droite sneakers to be center court, so I decided to go all black. I wore my favorite joggers, mesh sports bra, and finished the look off with a side slit duster jacket.

Aside from this look, I wanted to share a few of my go-to items I grab when putting together an athleisure-ish look. Leather jackets are a great layering piece as well as cardigans, denim, and bomber jackets. I love paring a crop top with a pair of high waisted leggings, shorts, or joggers like the ones i’m wearing. Have fun with different prints, colors, and textures!

Don’t forget to accessorize! Aviator sunglasses, a baseball cap, or a stylish backpack will all work perfectly. Jewelry will add the perfect street style touch to your athleisure look, but don’t overdo it. A simple pair of gold or silver hoop earrings or a thin chain necklace is all you need.

Are you ready to ace this trend?

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