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Hey Guys!

I want to introduce you to an awesome program called Pine Pantry! Pine Pantry, established in May of 2017, is a community-supported food pantry that is absolutely free! You heard right! FREE! How awesome is that!? Aley, the creator, wanted to make a space for people to simply: leave what you can, take what you need. There is zero paperwork or hoops to jump through on either end which makes it simple & easy! Also, how cute is this pine pantry...literally.

Aley, found the concept for Pine Pantry when she was scrolling through Facebook. After doing some research, she found a similar concept in McKinney, Texas. So, she she started following them and quickly saw how much their version helped the community. From that moment on, she knew she wanted to start one here in OKC.

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Creator of Pine Pantry OKC

There are lots of resources available for people facing food insecurity and Pine Pantry is not meant to replace those traditional methods. Pine Pantry is meant to make it easy to help one another and encourage a sense of community.”
— aley

So, where can you find Pine Pantry? The first location is near 16th and Blackwelder, tucked in between Sasquatch Shaved Ice and Aurora Breakfast Bar. Oh, and here is some exciting news, they are opening a 2nd location in September outside of Sunnyside Diner off of Classen and 6th st!

What are they looking for? Pine Pantry is always looking for canned items, granola bars, crackers, diapers, toothpaste, deodorant, and feminine hygiene products. Basicallu, any new items that you might find in a grocery store, you can donate! Pine Pantry is not accepting any clothing or household items.

Want to volunteer!? Follow Pine Pantry on Facebook and Instagram to find out when they are requesting for help! You can also contact them here:

Thank you Aley for sharing this awesome concept with our OKC community! I can't stress enough the importance of giving back to your community. No matter how tough you think your life is, there’s always someone who has to face challenges that are even tougher than yours. 

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