Cafe Do Brasil

Location: Midtown, OKC

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Guys, I can't tell you how many times I've been here #slightlyobsessed. Cafe Do Brasil never lets me down. Before my obsession for this place started, I had never had authentic Brazilian food.  Now, I can't live without it! The chef and owner, Ana Davis, is super sweet and makes it a point to see if you're enjoying your meal & service. I always get my food very quickly and the staff is excellent. The atmosphere is amazing and they have always had live music every single time I've been. Each dish is beautifully but together and filled with so much flavor. If you're into mimosas like I am, they have $2 glasses or a pitcher for $8 (I believe).

The prices are so affordable ($6-$9) and you get so much delicious food! I have a usual that I always get for brunch and I recommend it to anyone who wants to stay "safe-side":

 The Brasilian Scramble -Three eggs scrambled soft then smothered with cheddar cheese. Served with bacon, roma tomatoes, rosemary potatoes, and whole wheat toast. Served with salsa verde. For brunch, they serve everything from Tropical Delight french toast to Brasilian Pie #yum. If you want a real taste of Brazil, I recommend ANY of the rice dishes. Oh, and I almost forgot, they have a rooftop bar called "Bossa Nova". They serve beer, wine & cocktails. So, next time you're in the Midtown area, make this your first stop to brunch, lunch or dinner! Okay, i'm done raving now. 

See Cafe Do Brasil's  brunch menu here!

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