The Hall's Pizza Kitchen

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

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Pizza + brunch?! Yes please!! I first went to Hall's Pizza Kitchen for dinner one night and quickly fell in love with their wood fired pizza. Hall's started off as a food truck and they just opened their first brick & mortar. Their pizza is so amazing and when I heard they served brunch on Saturday's, I was dead. Pizza & brunch are a marriage made in heaven pretty much. So I went at 10 AM and let me just sum it up for was DELICIOUS! We ordered the Eggs & Bacon Pizza: roasted potatoes, thick bacon, aged cheddar cheese & a fried egg on every slice to top it off (all fresh ingrediants)! It was as good at it sounds. I also had to get a cup of their almond tea. It hit the spot! Overall, the service was great, the atmosphere was inviting and the food was top notch! Next time, i'm definitely going to try the cinnamon rolls! I highly recommend trying The Hall's Pizza Kitchen for your next Saturday brunch destination. 

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